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Please enable JavaScript in your browser in order to make this website functional. View All. Follow these 12 steps to transform raw vocal tracks into a performance that is finished with polish and sheen. Step 1: Comping and editing. Aside from comping, other editing tasks may include trimming away sections of a song while the vocalist was not performing, or editing breaths that stick out too much. Either way, editing breaths is easy, using a plugin like DeBreath.

While comping should always be done first, the other detailed editing tasks can be taken care of at a later time when you feel you need a break from the creative work. Switching mental gears throughout the mixing process can be very helpful in maintaining a fresh ear and a clear perspective. Sometimes, there will be pitch and tuning imperfections in a vocal performance. Step 3: Gain Staging. Vocals tend to be some of the most dynamic instruments in a mix.

But being one of the most important parts in a song, they should be well-controlled. To avoid audible pumping effects from too much compression when trying to tame a dynamic recording, you should first get the clip gain to a healthy ballpark. You can even out the dynamics manually, or by applying the Vocal Rider plugin. Step 4: Subtractive EQ. The first step is to clean up any problem frequencies.

This usually includes excessive low-end buildup from the proximity effect and any harsh frequencies that came through in the recording. One of the easiest places to start is with the low end. Remember one of the golden rules of EQ: cut narrow, boost wide. Dynamic EQ can be extremely useful with vocals, since their frequency content often changes throughout a performance.Please enable JavaScript in your browser in order to make this website functional.

View All. The vocal producer for Demi Lovato and Adam Lambert reveals his secrets for crafting a killer vocal chain that will make any singer feel comfortable and inspired. Vocal producers are the unsung heros of the pop world. Given that most contemporary pop records are written and produced by someone other than the performing artist, the vocal performance is really the main contribution from the singer.

Their voice can transform a good song into a great song, and make a great song into an unforgettable one. The simplicity and directness of some of his methods may surprise you. A good vocal producer has the special talent to separate themselves from certain aspects of the track and concentrate solely on the vocal, in the hopes of creating a performance that will stay relevant until the end of time.

I always try to send a performance back to the track's producer and the artist that I would be proud of if I were the main producer. How much of your work is about artistic direction, how much is about psychology and motivation, and how much is about audio engineering, that is, finding the right vocal sound?

To what extent do the singers you work with already know exactly what feeling they want to express in their performance, and to what extent do you guide them towards a feeling you envision?

I work with some pretty amazing talent so I usually take a step back when we first start recording to see what they are feeling. They have all gotten to where they are by using their gifts so I like to trust their first instinct. In those cases, they know exactly what the intention should be so I try to help shape that for them. How do you motivate a singer to give a better performance when they might already feel satisfied with their takes — but you're not?

In those cases, I just ask the artist to trust me and do a few more takes as I get ultra-specific. Once I get what I need I will comp the takes and cut it together with them in the room so they can hear what I hear. Most of my repeat clients know that my only goal is for the audience to lose their shit when they hear their song on the radio. Once they know my intentions are pure, I usually get the best performances. Selecting the right mics must be important.

Plugins for Vocals

On male pop vocals, I am partial to a U47 or my Telefunken To create a great vibe, I want the artist to get the same bells and whistles I do. So, their mix is my mix.

Do you use the same vocal chain to deliver the headphone mix to any singer? Believe it or not, I use all factory presets when the artist is in the room so I can move quickly and make the artist the priority and not the computer. I find that the simpler the setting, the better and quicker everything moves in the session. Mitch Allan comping a vocal session with his all-Waves plugin chain.Waves Audio has a bunch of plugins designed specifically to save time in the studio when mixing vocals.

How to Produce Unique Vocal Effects: Getting Started with OVox

Quick answer : when it comes to the plugins Waves offers for mixing vocals, there are so many, and each offer different specified features you can use. Make sure you take a look at the others below for other choices specific for what you might need.

Table of Contents. You might be surprised to know how much effects are applied to vocal tracks in your typical pop or rock production…. Compression is one of the most commonly applied vocal effects.

This serves to balance out the levels in the audio, preventing the peaks from clipping the circuitry and letting softer sections be heard over the music. Read more about how to compress vocals. EQ is also frequently applied in order to enhance the tonal character of the vocal. In some cases, dynamic EQ is used to reduce brightness or bottom end in some sections, while boosting the same in others.

Other effects that may be applied to vocal tracks are reverb, delay, chorusing or doubling, or even distortion or modulation effects. Unless you are going for a harsh industrial vocal delivery however, effects are best applied judiciously, and always in the service of the song. Read more about mixing vocals. And since vocals arguably are the most important aspect of a song, it makes it easier for vocals to be heard over the instrumental background if you apply the right effects or dynamics plugin.

Effects may also be applied for creative reasons, as would be the case when going for a special effect, or treating vocals in a genre-specific manner. Then of course, dynamics processors such as limiters and compressors are used to address specific technical concerns ie.

Not that any introduction is needed… but Waves Audio is an audio software company that makes the industry standard plugins for music production. Six effects are include in the chain, helping you get your vocal tracks radio-ready with less effort as compared to standard vocal processing. For users that need polished, radio-friendly vocals quickly, this has become something of a go-to plug-in.

Although the CLA Vocals can do a great job of prettying up vocals in the majority of cases, some users found that it provides a little less control over certain parameters than they would have liked. While there is no doubt that it can provide all the sweetening that a vocal track needs most of the time, there are instances when a custom effects chain provided superior results. The CLA Vocals is pretty hard not to like, especially for its price.

Even so, we can heartily recommend the CLA Vocals as a useful addition to your sonic toolbox. See price Waves Audio. Developed in association with Aphex, the plug-in does a good job at capturing the character of the original hardware device, adding presence and brilliance to even the dullest audio.

The Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter is equally suited to vocal and instrumental tracks, making them stand out in a mix without the need for excessive EQing. Users that have experience with both the original Aphex hardware unit and the Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter mostly have nice things to say about the plug-in.

Although it can handle most any type of audio pumped through it, the plug-in has an especially attractive quality on vocals. With its ability to add life and vibrancy to even the dullest tracks, it is just way too tempting to slather it all over everything, resulting in a harsh and brittle sound.

If you can manage to use the plug-in in moderation, it could be quite a potent ingredient in your recipe for vocal perfection. The Vocal Rider is a vocal and dialog leveling plug-in that adjusts the level of vocal tracks automatically. It has the ability to limit the dynamic range of audio without introducing artifacts, so it saves considerable time and effort in mixing down vocals and making them stand out in a mix.

The Vocal Rider also allows for the drawing of the slider adjustments into an automation track in the DAW, enabling finer control over the level.

waves vocal

A Live component with Spill control is also included, which detects and processes just the vocal part alone without affecting the music or background audio. If there is one thing about the Vocal Rider that makes users almost fanatical about it, simplicity would have to be it. Many users are absolutely smitten with how easy it is to automatically control vocal levels with the plug-in, citing its great value as a timesaver in the studio. The Vocal Rider is especially popular among those that want the dynamic limiting effect of compression without the artifacts that compressors can sometimes leech into the sound.

For these users, the Vocal Rider is a more transparent and natural-sounding solution that often negates the need for a separate compressor.Getting the vocals right in a blend is somewhat everything. Then again, regardless of whether everything else is flawless, however, the vocals are a touch off, it will stand out like a sore thumb, and you may lose the gig. Obviously, we endeavor to get everything right — we simply focusing on the point that vocals are the one component you need to nail completely.

Impacts may likewise be connected for imaginative reasons, as would be the situation while going for embellishment, or treating vocals in a classification explicit way. Six impacts are incorporated into the chain, helping you prepare your vocal tracks radio with less exertion when contrasted with standard vocal handling. For clients that require cleaning, radio-accommodating vocals rapidly, this has progressed toward becoming something of a go-to plug-in.

This is another one of the best Waves plugins. It is designed according to the first Aphex equipment preparing unit. Created in a relationship with Aphex, the plug-in works to perfection at catching the character of the first equipment gadget, adding nearness and brightness to even the bluntest sound. The Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter is similarly suited to vocal and instrumental tracks, making them emerge in a blend without the requirement for over the top EQing.

Clients that have involvement with both the first Aphex equipment unit and the Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter, for the most part, have decent things to say in regards to the plug-in.

In spite of the fact that it can deal with most any kind of sound siphoned through it, the plug-in has a particularly appealing quality on vocals. It is a vocal and exchange leveling plug-in that changes the dimension of vocal tracks consequently.

It can restrain the dynamic scope of sound without presenting antiquities, so it spares significant time and exertion in blending down vocals and making them emerge in a blend. The Vocal Rider likewise takes into account the illustration of the slider modifications into a computerization track in the DAW, empowering better authority over the dimension. A Live segment with Spill control is additionally included, which recognizes and forms only the vocal part alone without influencing the music or foundation sound.

In the event that there is one thing about the Vocal Rider that makes clients relatively over the top about it, effortlessness would need to be it. Numerous clients are completely stricken with the fact that it is so natural to consequently control vocal dimensions with the plug-in, referring to its incredible incentive as a timesaver in the studio. The Vocal Rider is particularly prevalent among those that need the dynamic constraining impact of pressure without the ancient rarities that blowers can some of the time siphon into the sound.

For these clients, the Vocal Rider is a more straightforward and regular sounding arrangement that frequently discredits the requirement for a different blower. A standout amongst the most incredible and flexible blowers in the Waves product offering, the Renaissance Vox has been streamlined explicitly to process vocals.

The controls you get for pressure, gating and development, constraining, and level amplification are straightforward yet impact. With this plug-in, creating cleaned sounding vocals should be possible with negligible exertion. Regardless, a large portion of the complimentary surveys of the Renaissance Vox goes on about its articulate effortlessness and straightforwardness, which is particularly great given the measure of control accessible. For some clients, the plug-in does the trick for most vocal handling applications, with the additional advantage of ease of use for an assortment of instrumental tracks.

The Renaissance Vox is some other efficient plug-in that makes snappy work of delivering cleaned and radio-prepared vocal tracks.Please enable JavaScript in your browser in order to make this website functional. Compare Compare Now. Waves Tune Real-Time. A dream tool that helps vocalists stay in tune while singing, feel confident, and focus on the emotion of their performance, in the studio or live on stage.

Read More. OVox Vocal ReSynthesis. Transform your vocals with the next-generation voice-controlled synth and vocal effects processor. Create a limitless palette of vocal morphing, tuning, harmonizing, vocoder, talkbox effects and beyond. Plugin or standalone app. Vocal Rider.

OVox Vocal ReSynthesis

A true timesaver, this plugin adjusts your vocal levels automatically, saving you the need to draw each level change in your DAW or manually ride faders.

CLA Vocals. Waves Tune.

waves vocal

Vocal tuning has never been easier or more precise. The ultimate pitch correction tool, for perfectly tuned natural-sounding vocals or creative effects.

H-Delay Hybrid Delay. From old school PCMstyle effects like filtering, flanging and phasing to slapback echo, ping-pong and tempo-sync with modulation, H-Delay analog delay plugin delivers.

Renaissance Vox. The first-choice vocal compressor for top engineers worldwide. With its approachable interface of just 3 controls for gating, compression and output gain, R-Vox is the quickest route to a legendary vocal sound. Aphex Vintage Aural Exciter. Modeled on one of the few surviving tube-powered units ever made, this plugin delivers the unique character of the original hardware unit, with all the advantages of software.

Reel ADT. A timesaver for voiceovers, music and multimedia, DeBreath vocal plugin lets you control how much breath you want on vocal tracks and even add room tone where breaths have been reduced. Greg Wells VoiceCentric. Renaissance DeEsser. This specialized sibilance attenuator allows you to reduce undesirable high frequencies surgically, while preserving the sparkle and musicality of the source. Butch Vig Vocals.

With instantly hyped vocals that cut through the mix and a sound that is dripping with character, Butch Vig Vocals now gives everyone the opportunity to work with the sound of a true rock innovator. Manny Marroquin Triple D. JJP Vocals. Maserati VX1. The King's Microphones.

Waves and Abbey Road captured the sounds of the rare mics used in the award-winning film.Please enable JavaScript in your browser in order to make this website functional. Renaissance Axx. Renaissance Channel. Renaissance DeEsser. Waves Tune. Waves Tune LT. Log in to see your personal recommendations.

You may find this content helpful: To be able to view it, allow Performance Cookies here. Images Videos Audio. Loading Video Removing Vocal Breaths with DeBreathTuning Vocals with Waves TuneCreating Vocal Effects with Waves TuneUpdate Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin. Ask any producer or engineer. Waves Vocal bundle is the ultimate vocal toolkit, made up of 7 powerful plugins, including Waves Tune for pitch correction and transformation, and DeBreath, which removes unwanted breath sounds—automatically.

Seven powerful vocal plugins For pitch correction, breath reduction, dynamics, de-essing, and doubling Includes Waves Tune, DeBreath, Renaissance Channel and more. Includes Tech Specs Reviews. This content is not available in your country.Please enable JavaScript in your browser in order to make this website functional.

Inspire Virtual Instruments Collection. Producer, Composer Dr. The moment I opened the plugin, I started creating. It's impossible for any creative spirit not to feel inspired to try new soundscapes with this vocal synthesizer.

So many new textures to apply to my production projects, from the vocoder to all the other vocal synthesis options. So many possibilities. I end up with sounds I could never achieve without it — other vocal-controlled synths can't even begin to do half the stuff this thing can. And if you just use it as a synth, you could be making patches that rival any wavetable synth out there.

waves vocal

My god, what a monster! This plugin really opens up the creative imagination and enables me to play around with sound in a very fun way.

Not just for vocals either — you can really get crazy experimenting with all kinds of instruments and sounds. Each section is very high-quality, and it comes with a full set of very useful presets. Vocal modulator, designer, vocoder, and so much more. OVox allows me to create instruments on the fly by just using my vocals and my imagination. And the presets are already ridiculous!

It allows me to use vocals to create melodic synths and undertones that perfectly complement the feel of the song. No other company out there can compare to the sound and capabilities of OVox.

I can make a whole track with it. It can produce very smooth classic vocoder tones, very experimental tones, and excellent synth-and-voice layering effects. And when I want to get weird with a vocal—ahhh yeah, it can go there! Log in to see your personal recommendations. You may find this content helpful: To be able to view it, allow Performance Cookies here. Images Videos Audio. Loading Video Update Required To play the media you will need to either update your browser to a recent version or update your Flash plugin.

OVox Vocal ReSynthesis. Transform your vocal productions with the next-generation voice-controlled synth and vocal effects processor. Available as a plugin or standalone app. Limitless Vocal Palette Producers, mixers, songwriters: Say goodbye to boring vocals. OVox gives you an unprecedented menu of vocal synthesis and reshaping options, from the Daft Punk-style vocoder sounds you know and love, to inventive vocal effects as endless as your creativity.

It then re-synthesizes these elements to create the new vocal sound, which is free of unwanted artifacts and preserves the expressiveness of the original vocal. Intuitive Control OVox is instant: no routing required. Simply insert it as a plugin or fire it up as a standalone app — sing, hum, speak or beatbox into it, and hear the magic happen.

MIDI control is optional.

7 Best Waves Plugins for Vocals – [Ultimate Waves Audio Guide]

Want to dive deeper? The Ultimate Instrument Is You The human voice is the original instrument—the richest in expression and the fullest in color. OVox turns your vocal—any vocal—into an even more limitless musical playground for you to express your creativity.

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