Ghulaam full story

Jai runs errands for Ronak Singh who is a gang lord and is involved in illegal activities. Jai's brother Siddharth decides to revolt against him and Ronak after some things goes lethally awry.

Ghulam means a slave. Sidharth Aamir Khan is an amateur boxer who does not work, preferring to loaf about with friends. His older brother Jai Rajit Kapoor works with a gangster who rules the neighborhood, terrorizing merchants and demanding protection money.

Ghulam 1998 - Action Movie - Aamir Khan, Rani Mukerji, Sharat Saxena, Mita Vashisth.

As a child Sidharth idolized his father, an ex-freedom fighter, whom he saw committing suicide in guilt after a visit from an old acquaintance. Sidharth meets a girl, Alisha Rani Mukerjiwho rides with a motorcycle gang, and Hari, a social worker. The film tells the story of Sidharth's romance with Alisha and his reformation.

Ronak dominates the region by instilling fear in the people; the only man who decides to speak up against him is Hari the brother of Siddharth sweetheart, Alisha. When Ronak gets aware that Hari is going to the court of law to testify against him he has him killed; with the eye witness to this crime being Siddharth. Siddharth then decides to get Ronak incarcerated by instituting legal proceedings endangering his and his brother's life. Working for notorious underworld Don, Ronak Singh alias Ronnie, has steeled two brothers, Siddharth and Jai Marathe to the hard life of Bombay, who are also trying to live with the reputation of being the sons of a father, a known coward during the British Raj in India.

While Jai keeps accounts for Ronak, younger Siddharth is a delivery person, who excels in boxing. Due to Siddharth's aggressiveness he becomes known to the local police and the judiciary, and more often than not, it is his lawyer who gets him off. After meeting Alisha, Siddharth decides to go straight, which does not auger well with his brother.

Then Alisha's brother is killed by Ronak, and the only witness to this heinous crime is Siddharth, who has now to decide whether to testify against Ronak, and thus incriminate his very own brother also.

Sign In. Edit Slave Jump to: Summaries 4 Synopsis 1. The synopsis below may give away important plot points. Edit page. Share this page:. Clear your history.Gulguli drags Shivani out of haveli, but stops seeing Veer.

She pushes Shivani in front of him and provokes Veer to kill her and take revenge. Bhisma comes out and happily hugs Veer and says let us go in, later he can think what to do with Shivani. They all get in. Veer fumes seeing Rangeela and shouts why did he come here when he went without taking his permission. Rangeela tries to speak, but Jageer stops him and says Rangeela had come to meet Veeru, but Veer was heavily inebriated, so he did not let Rangeela in.

Veer asks why did not Rangeela come to meet him in hospital. Jageer gets tensed. Manmeet enters and says Rangeela had come and pleaded like a kid to let him meet his maalik, but Jageer did not let him in. Jageer says he did right, why will he let a ghulaam.

Drama continues. Jageer provokes Veer against Shivani and Rangeela. Jageer starts his dirty trick again and asks Veer to kill Shivani. Gulguli also says she wants to see Shivani dead. Veer asks Rangeela to bring pipe. Rangeela brings thinking Shivani will be punished with peope.

Veer says Shivani will demonstrate how she hugged him that night and then hit him with pipe. Gulguli asks what is he telling. Veer insists Shivani to hug him and then hit him with pipe.

Shivani starts crying. Jageer continues provoking and brainwashing drama. Veer insists Shivani to hit him. Shivani cries and says she will hug Rangeela and demonstrated how she hugged him that night.

Everyone shout. Veer shouts that baby doll has only Rangeela in her mind and considers him as her husband. Veer holds gun on Rangeela and warns Shivani to do as he says. She hugs him and cries. Veer pushes her and says he will punish her in front of everyone by making her hug him instead of killing her at once. Veer says nobody saw their dance, today Raneela will dance with Shivani and everyone will see.

Ishq Wala Love!! Baatein yeh kabhi na bhoolna…. This veer is more a gd actor …. Hi guys anu renu,antra,aanya,richu,sakshi,karan,karina,joy,and,othersgood,morning,, Today veer,givesopen,confession….

Rangeela,maa,is mental bcz of jageer. The best family. This is not a life.Shah Alam arrested the entire family of Zabita Khan and severely humiliated him after the war with Mughal. Mahadji Scindia was unable to protect Delhi as he was entangled in Central India. When the mercurial Ghulam Qadir Rohilla leader learned about this, it reinforced his longstanding grudge against the Mughals.

The chief eunuch of the emperor, named Manzur Ali, was also won over by the rebels. Thus began the last Afghan occupation of Delhi, which lasted for two months and a half, from 18 July to 2 October Rohilla let loose hell on the hapless Mughal emperor and his family. Ghulam Qadir deposed and blinded Shah Alam ten days later on 30 July.

ghulaam full story

Ghulam Qadir took out Bidar Bakht, son of Ahmad Shah, the ex-emperor, from the royal prison and made him the new puppet emperor with the title of Jahan Shah. Ghulam Qadir tortured and thrown into the prison all the nineteen surviving sons of Shah Alam. The plunder of the palace and atrocities on the inmates of the Mughal harem, commenced on the same evening of 30 July.

Ghulam Qadir flogged the Princes and molested the princesses. Rohilla tortured and killed maidservants and eunuchs to make them confess location of royal treasures. Ghulam Qadir looted the Red Fort of all the valuables. Rohilla ransacked the entire palace area as well as the mansions of the rich inhabitants of the city. During the two and a half months of Afghan occupation the royal family had to undergo intense suffering.

This resulted in death of 21 prices and princesses within the brief span of two weeks. Ghulam Qadir compelled the queens to go about without their veils. Soon Mahadaji Sindhia came to know about events in delhi. He at once dispatched the Maratha contingents to restore law and order in Delhi. Mahadaji Sindhia himself marched through the Doab with his main army to intercept the Rohilla marauders in flight from the capital.

The Maratha forces reached the suburbs of Delhi on 28 September. Marathas liberated the metropolis of Shahjahanabad from Rohillas after a few skirmishes by 2 October. Ghulam Qadir held out at Red Fort up to 10 October. He made desperate bid to evacuate his besieged men with the booty.The title of the movie and the story is a reference to the plot simultaneously exploring a platonic friendship between a beautiful lonely wife Bibi of an aristocrat Sahib and a career-driven low-income part-time servant Ghulam.

The film's music is by Hemant Kumar and lyrics were by Shakeel Badayuni. The film is also noted for its brilliant cinematography by V. The film was a major critical success but was a flop at the box office, with critics attributing it to Meena Kumari 's performance as Chhoti Bahu, which is regarded as one of the best performances of Hindi cinema. The academy wrote a letter to Guru Dutt saying that a woman who drinks was not permissible in their culture.

The film opens at the ruins of an old haveli in Calcutta, where a group of labourers are busy pulling down what remains.

ghulaam full story

When the workers break off for lunch, the overseer Guru Dutt wanders through the haveli. As he sits at a place, there begins a flashback to the end of the 19th century. The lower-class and educated Bhoothnath arrives in colonial Calcutta looking for work.

ghulaam full story

He lives in the grand haveli of the Choudhurys, a family of zamindars with his brother-in-law. Subinay Babu's daughter Jaba Waheeda Rehman is amused by Bhoothnath, whom she considers an unsophisticated rustic. Bhoothnath becomes fascinated with the goings-on in the haveli and every night observes the decadent lifestyle of the Choudhury brothers. One night, the servant, Bansi Dhumaltakes Bhoothnath to meet the younger zamindar's Rehman wife Chhoti Bahu 'Young Daughter-in-law' Meena Kumariwho implores him to bring her Mohini Sindoor, believing it will keep her unfaithful husband home.

Bhoothnath is struck by her beauty and sadness and inadvertently becomes Chhoti Bahu's secret confidante. A bomb explodes in the marketplace and Bhoothnath is injured in the ensuing crossfire between freedom fighters and British soldiers. Jaba looks after him. Chhoti Bahu's repeated attempts to appease her husband fail until she becomes his drinking companion to keep him by her side.

Jaba's marriage is finalised with Supavitra a member of Bramho Samajbut after her father's death she declines the marriage. Bhoothnath becomes an architect trainee and goes away to work on a training project. After his return, he finds the haveli in partial ruins. Chhoti Bahu is now a desperate alcoholic and her husband is paralysed.

Ghulam Serial on Life OK

Meanwhile, he learns that he and Jaba were betrothed as children. One night, Chhoti Bahu asks Bhoothnath to accompany her to a nearby shrine to pray for her ailing husband.The "Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows" widget tracks the real-time popularity of relevant pages on IMDb, and displays those that are currently generating the highest number of pageviews on IMDb.

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Read our exclusive interview. Bharti Bhandari lives a wealthy life-style with her mom, Sharda, and dad, Ashok. She studies in law college, where she is in love with fellow-collegian, Vijay Srivastav. Another collegian, Vicky, who is also smitten with Bharti, tells her that Ashok has made millions not by a legitimate business but by smuggling, kidnapping, selling children and young women. Bharti is shocked, she confronts her father, but he denies everything.

Satisfied that her dad would not lie to her, she goes for a trip to Goa along with Vijay and that's where she actually sees her dad, who is supposed to be in London, U. Bharti and Vijay find out that Ashok has vital documents that will lead to India being taken over by a foreign power, and they decide to put a stop to this.

Before they could do anything, Vijay is killed. When Bharti confronts her parents, resulting in arguments, which lead to a physical struggle, resulting in the death of Sharda, and Bharti shooting Written by rAjOo gunwanti hotmail. Check out the Indian movies with the highest ratings from IMDb users, as well as the movies that are trending in real time.

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ghulaam full story

External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews. Photo Gallery. Trailers and Videos. Crazy Credits. Alternate Versions. Rate This.She was also seen in Telugu films like Mem vayasuku vacham and Pelli Pustakam. Param Singh will essay the role of Rangeela in Ghulam. He plays Ghulaam to a thug played by Vikas Mankatla Veer.

The basic story is about Rangeela kidnapping a bride for his maalik and then falling in love with her Shivani. Unlike other shows where most males are like objects. This show takes you through the journey of the Ghulaam instead of the same old Saas Bahu content. This is one of the rare shows which will talk about the struggles and life of a Man instead of the Indian Bahu. This makers of this show have spared no expense on producing a fine piece of art.

This show is definitely worth looking upto. Berahampur ka khaas hai Rangeela! Karta jigre se raaj hai! Lekin woh ek Baadshah nahi ek Ghulaam hai! Starts 16th January, 9 PM. What the hell I loved this show but after knowing that female lead is niti Taylor I hate this cuz female lead must be beautiful and gorgeous like rashmi in this show. Bigg Boss 10 07 January — No Elimination this week.

Swabhiman serial gossips — Choti Mami to bring troubles for Sharda.

Coming soon to Europe!

January 18, at am. Leave a Comment Cancel reply. Celebrities April 13, March 31, February 19, February 18, View All.Ghulam translation: Slave is a Indian Hindi-language action crime drama filmdirected by Vikram Bhattand starring Aamir KhanRani Mukerji in the lead roles.

His brother, Jaidev "Jai" Rajit Kapuris the accounts manager and right-hand man for Raunak "Ronnie" Singh Sharat Saxenaa former boxing champion who ostensibly runs a travel agency, but in reality rules the local community by terrorising people and stealing money from innocent merchants. Other than his boxing practice, Siddhu leads a relatively aimless and wanderlust life.

In his spare time, he hangs out with friends, occasionally stealing money from rich people. Siddhu is financially dependent on his elder brother Jai, who lives in Raunak Singh's house, but occasionally visits Siddhu and tops up his finances. The opening scene features a female lawyer Fatima Madam Mita Vashisht defending Siddhu in court against accusations of small-time theft. The lawyer tries to convince the judge to show leniency towards Siddhu on account of his disadvantaged background as an orphan.

The judge points out that Siddhu has already been shown leniency four times, and is greeted with laughter by everybody, including Siddhu. In the commotion, Siddhu steals Rs. Siddhu is let free. Later, when he asks the lawyer what her fees are, she asks him for a fee of Rs. The lawyer gives no indication of awareness that Siddhu had stolen an equal amount of money. Later, Siddhu, while joking around with friends, gets angry when one of his friends suggests that the lawyer may be receiving sexual favours from Siddhu in exchange for defending him in court.

A few days later, Raunak Singh hires Siddhu to deliver a letter to a local cricket player, and to beat up the player if he shows signs of resisting. Unknown to Siddhu, the letter contains instructions to the player to get out after scoring a certain number of runs, so that Ronnie can win a bet. Siddhu delivers the letter and intimidates the cricket player into agreeing to follow the instructions, breaking the player's bat in the process.

Later, while returning, he gets into a motorcycle speed race with a motorcycle gang led by Charlie Deepak Tijoriwhich escalates into a dare game to run towards a moving train at night. Siddhu beats Charlie's past record in the game.

Charlie chooses to run again, but falls on the train tracks, and seems to be headed for death as the train approaches him. Siddhu rescues Charlie at considerable personal risk. In the process, Siddhu becomes friends with Alisha Rani Mukerjialso part of the gang, and their friendship blossoms into love.

Ghulam Serial on Life OK

The famous song Aati Kya Khandala is situated during this period, when Siddhu is trying to cheer Alisha up after a fight with her father. It is revealed that Siddhu saw his own father's death when he was a child, which mentally affected him throughout his life. Back in his local community, Siddhu witnesses an incident of some of Ronnie's men beating up a local restaurateur for not paying extortion money to Ronnie's gang.

The restaurateur runs for his life as Ronnie's men chase him, but none of the other community people come to his aid. Harihar Mafatlal Akshay Ananda social worker, coaxes a police constable to stop the fight.

The restaurateur and his two assailants land up on the roof where Siddhu is doing boxing practice, with Hari and the constable following. The constable breaks up the fight and scolds the restaurateur, and Hari is angry at the constable for blaming the victim. The assailants left, greeting Siddhu on the way out.

Siddhu offers some water to the restaurateur and introduces himself to Hari, suggesting to both to avoid getting on the wrong side of Ronnie. Hari speaks of principle and self-respectand Siddhu is reminded of things that his father told him long ago. Ronnie is furious to hear about this and wishes to kill the restaurateur and Hari immediately.

Ronnie explains the logic of terror to his henchmen: if even a few people stop acceding to his demands, then that will instill rebelliousness against Ronnie's demands in others.

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