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The C MRD comes with a round magazine with finger hook as well as a round mag with grip sleeve. Arched and flat backstraps are included. The original —which started out life as a submission for the U. It was followed by the Tactical that had an extended threaded 4. The new C MRD pairs a 3. The frame on the C MRD is roughly a half-inch shorter than that of the full-size It comes with two magazines. The shorter magazine has a finger-hook extension and holds 12 rounds; the extended round magazine features a grip sleeve.

FN also offers round magazines for those living in restrictive states. I wish they offered a true flush-fitting round magazine for this pistol because the finger-hook extension makes it nearly as long as the round magazine and is only slightly more concealable. However, the pistol accepts any magazine, including the extended rounders.

The C MRD can be had either in black or flat dark earth. As mentioned, the frame features interchangeable backstraps, and you get two with the pistol: one flat and one arched. There is not a huge size difference between the two, but there is some. The 3. The slide has aggressive, flat-bottomed serrations front and back for a sure grip in all situations. With the round magazine in place, this pistol is 6.

Weight is Both the magazine and slide releases on the are ambidextrous, steel and black. Trying to color match polymer and PVD-coated steel is almost impossible, so FN deliberately goes for a two-tone look. The frame is FDE, whereas the slide is darker, almost bronze. The C MRD has four safeties, although only the trigger safety lever is externally visible. The remaining three are a striker block, drop safety and trigger disconnect safety.

Listening to user suggestions, FN has reshaped the trigger so it has a flatter face. This is supposed to provide the user a little more control.

Of all the newer polymer-framed striker-fired pistols on the market, its trigger pull is just about the heaviest—with the official specs calling for a pull between 5. The pull on my sample was 6. A nice, padded, zippered case that has an internal pocket large enough for a spare magazine ships with the pistol.

FN 509® Compact MRD BLACK

You also get a plastic blister pack with 12 pouches containing everything you need to mount the red dot of your choice on this pistol, including a reference guide to let you know which plate works with which optic. The company provides different adapter plates and the necessary screws, but the screws securing the red dot go straight from the optic, through the adapter plate, into the slide. The plates exist solely to mate the profile of the red dot to the profile of the slide and are just sandwiched between the red dot and slide.

The adapters fit the three most common mounting patterns and allow you to direct mount at least 10 different optics, pretty much everything on the market except for the new Aimpoint Acro P FN has a separate adapter available for that optic. To introduce its new pistol to the media, FN invited several gun writers to Oak Grove Technologies in Hoffman, North Carolina, to attend an all-day training seminar put on by Sage Dynamics, a well-known and respected tactical training group.

I found the experience enjoyable and instructive. Prior to hitting the range, we mounted red dots on our pistols. We also mounted Streamlight weapon lights on our guns and were provided holsters that accomodated the lights.The pistol is 9mm and striker-fired with 3. The patented FN Low-Profile Optics Mounting System accepts nearly all commercially available miniature red dot optics and features blackout iron sights that co-witness.

The improved controls aid in manipulation, the new improved texturing on the two included backstraps provides better recoil management, and a new flatter faced trigger allows for more controllable trigger press and cleaner break. You must be logged in to post a review.

FRAME Polymer construction with replaceable steel frame rails Shortened grip for easier concealment Enhanced grip textures which enables faster follow-up shots in all conditions Interchangeable backstraps MIL-STD accessory mounting rail Improved flatter face trigger.

MAGAZINE High visibility, low-friction follower; polymer base with black finish Comes with one round and one round magazine or two round magazines Compatible with FN round and round magazines with appropriate magazine sleeves.

Additional information Caliber 9mm. Reviews There are no reviews yet. You Might Also Like.The Apex Action Enhancement Kit for the FN model pistols is a direct drop-in replacement of the factory polymer trigger, trigger bar and sear. The patent pending Apex design reduces trigger pull weight to give you an approx. Trigger travel is also reduced, including pre-travel, over-travel, overall trigger travel and trigger reset distance.

fn 509

It provides a smooth uptake while delivering a crisp trigger break. Please take advantage of a significant discount when purchased together with any Apex Tactical trigger. Expected Results — Direct drop-in replacement of factory polymer trigger, trigger bar and sear — Reduces trigger pull weight to approx. In The Package 1 ea. Apex Performance Sear. Cypher X — 7. Cypher — 5. Remember me Log in. Lost your password? Subscribe to our newsletter.

fn 509

Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy. Out of stock. FN Apex Tactical Trigger quantity. Related products. Quick View. Accessories Cypher X — 7. Accessories Cypher — 5. Choose an option Flat Curved.I had overlooked the newest of the FN models, and that was an absolute mistake.

The Compact MRD might be a dark horse contender, but one worthy of betting the farm on when it comes to performance.

FN 509C MRD Review

But on the handgun side, while the series is new, it also has a heritage with a proven track record. The FNX Tactical is still a hard one to beat in the battlefield sidearm department, and the series is a direct descendant. During testing it had not one hiccup, and I shot it more than I should have.

This gun is so much fun, and so easy to run fast, that it is hard to stop loading magazines. Highly recommend you order a case of 9mm when you order your see review video embedded below.

The Compact MRD can fill a variety of roles, everything from a primary carry gun to a backup duty pistol. This is largely due to the magazine size one opts to use because depending on the choice it can feel like two different guns.

Fn 509 For Sale

The configuration smoothly extends the grip profile as well. For that reason, I usually carry mine with the 15 round magazine inserted, and the 12 as a reload If I opt to carry a reload.

That is a bit backward from the norm, but it puts most of my bullets upfront if the party starts. And as soon as my spare 15s arrive, I will carry them exclusively. You may not be ready to carry a red dot just yet, but the future is coming. In this day and age, it is really nice to be able to buy a gun that can be equipped with red dots if you like.

And the Compact MRD does just that. With a patented red dot mounting system that also gives it a best-in-class depth of mount, the Compact MRD is a perfect choice. Included in the box are adaptors for 10 popular red dots. I paired it with the Leupold Delta Point Pro because it is has a reputation as being incredibly durable. The Delta Point dominates the competition market, so you know it is going to survive normal concealed carry use.

The Compact MRD really blew my doors off during review time because of how well it shot. Compared to the competition it is absolutely among the best and is remarkably smooth for a striker-fired gun. That, coupled with the unique grip texturing, had me hammering targets with the like it was an old friend. On the first magazine! This is a trigger you need to feel at the gun counter or preferably the range to truly appreciate.

On paper, it is the same weight as many others, 5. But the geometry of the pull and design of the trigger shoe make it feel like much less. Just a dry fire or two, and you will see exactly what I mean.

With an all-new gun usually you will have to wait a while on accessories. Most important for a concealed carry, holsters are available. And in plentiful supply.Local Listing Results Show All. Local Listing Results. Searching for your Local Listings Sorry, there are no results in your area.

Please try a new zip code and search again. Hide Local Listings. Refine Your Search.

FNH - Fabrique Na Sort by FN Gun : FN9mm. GA Sales: FN T Tactical 9mm. FN 9mm in FDE. This is a superb pistol for tactical carry. Offered as a Non-Manual Safety model.

FN 9mm 10 Round. NIB FN pistol, 9mm, 4" barrel, polymer frame, 2 10 round mags, 3 dot sights. Item will ship upon rece FN America Tactical FN America has announced the release of a new full-size, 9mm striker-fired pistol.

8 FN 509 Upgrades and Accessories

As many shooters are aware, the Army's MHS competition, designed to replace the aging Beretta M9, has been an ongoing process for several years. The competition was first announced back inbut delays pushed back the deadline for entry to February of Close to a year later, on January 19,the Army chose its winner.

A number of major manufacturers participated in the competition, and though only one pistol was chosen, much to the delight of civilian shooters, many of those pistols entered in the MHS have also found their way onto the commercial market.

FN's new has now joined that list. The new FN isn't the exact pistol FN submitted for the competition. According to the manufacturer, it is heavily based on that pistol but has been re-tailored for the U. And since the conclusion of the MHS competition, industry experts have also helped refine the design into what is now the finished FN The FN has been tested to meet extreme reliability, durability and ammo compatibility standards. According to the company, more than 1 million rounds were used to test the FN There are some new, easily observed changes on the FN pistol.

One of the most prominent includes the grip, which features an enhanced texturing scheme. The parts of the grip are uniquely textured to be more gritty where needed and smoother where excessive texture can become abrasive.

fn 509

Side panels are more aggressively textured, while texturing on the front and rear backstraps is less pronounced. Other enhancements include more aggressive cocking serrations on the slide for easy manipulation, redesigned controls for easy and secure operation and an improved cold hammer-forged stainless steel barrel with a recessed target crown.

The new does not have a manual safety, but a non-manual safety works in conjunction with passive safeties for safe operation. The full-size pistol features a 5.

The will be available in 9mm and will have a standard magazine capacity of 17 rounds, with state-compliant round magazines also an option. According to FN America, two models of the new FN pistol should be available to consumers in early Maywith two law enforcement models becoming available sometime in early June.

The company states that additional models, including those with manual safeties and other features, will also be in the works. Each gun ships with two interchangeable backstraps, two or round magazines, a locking device and an FN logo soft pistol case. Height: 5. Width: 1. Weight: Trigger: 5. But it was a short pull …crisp break. So the one con became a plus. Highly recommended as a carry if you can conceal the 17 round mag grip.

This has got to be the best firearm FN has produced, in a long time! Log in to leave a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

Learn how your comment data is processed.The FN is good from the factory, but these 8 upgrades and accessories made it even better. I made an effort rank these upgrades in order of importance. These Streamlight light and laser combos are excellent additions to any pistol with a rail. I recommend green lasers over red lasers. According to the NRAgreen lasers are more visible in bright sunlight. I strongly disagree with this logic. These two lights are superb.

They each have 3 modes: light only, laser only, and laser and light together. Using your shooting finger, the switch on both sides turns these lights on or off. Around the center beam, a wide disbursed shot of light provides illumination for close distances. The TLR-4 provides plenty of light for close distances applications including room clearing and urban self-defense.

These lights have a limited lifetime warranty which excludes batteries, bulbs, abuse and normal wear. Rechargeable batteries, chargers, switch, and electronics are warrantied at for 2 years. If you want to put a compensator or suppressor on yourthen the Apex threaded barrel is for you. The thread protector comes with an o-ring. This prevents the thread protector from getting free and falling off. The factory FN trigger is like most factory triggers.

Apex did us a solid by making a new trigger for the FN It drops the weight to 5. The extension comes in several colors: black, red, grey, od green, tan, blue, violet, and copper. There is a 30 day money back guarantee. Tired of aligning the front and rear sights? I am being a bit sarcastic, but getting on target is faster with a RMR.

The RMR comes with legendary Trijicon reliability. RMRs are trusted by police and militaries the world over. The battery requires removing the sight and re-zeroing. Trij says RMRs batteries last for more than 4 years of continuous use.

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